Life and Times of Sasha Fierce

i thought i’d provide a quick update on the guy that i went on a date with last week. as i mentioned, we had a good time but i wasn’t sure if i felt any sort of romantic spark. he text me on sunday to say that he had a good time, etc. i responded on monday thanking him again for dinner and saying that it was fun. shortly after i sent my text, he sent one back that said “what’s good this week.” i did not respond. this is why: first and foremost, who talks like that? okay, i actually know lots of people (mostly men) that talk like that. but those men have swagger. date boy does NOT. he’s not a nerd or anything, but swagger is one of those things that you either have or you don’t. second, what type of response is he looking for with that semi-question/quasi-statement? i have no idea and really didn’t wish to exert that much energy thinking about it. third, i was pretty sure i didn’t want to see him again. so i never responded and didn’t hear back from him. although i think i should check back with him in a couple of weeks bc we all know how much i enjoy having bartender friends. 🙂 just saying.

in other news, i have a weekend of fun activities planned and then may try to go spend a few days with my bff down in NC. i have to confirm my schedule before i can commit to going but i haven’t seen her since may and i miss her dearly. i could use a change of scenery and a mini escape from dc might be just what the doctor ordered.


as i mentioned, there is a man. who i am kind of seeing. but i also went on a date with another man last week. and i feel slightly guilty. i know that i have no reason to feel guilty and that i can do what i want. the man and i have no commitment to each other. but every time i see him, it’s amazing. the problem is when i don’t see him, he acts…less than desirable. i change my mind every single day about how i’m going to deal with him and this situation.

i had fun on the other date, but i didn’t feel any sparks. i may see the guy one more time, before i declare that we just have to be friends. i don’t know. i haven’t really dated more than one person at a time. but i figure, there’s a first time for everything, right? i definitely think that if i met someone else that i really liked, i’d go for it. i just don’t know if i’ve already met the person i really like. if i have (meaning if it’s the man i’m kind of dating), then i’m screwed. because i KNOW that i need some distance from this thing. but he’s so fun! and listens to everything i say and remembers it! and i’m attracted to him! and he’s smart! and likes to dance! sigh. why does everything have to be so.freaking.hard.

yikes. i have been supremely bad about writing this summer. i’m going to chalk that up to the summer being so busy and crazy and hot. yeah, it’s been about 200 degrees almost every day this summer. okay, i’m exaggerating just a wee bit. but it has been hot. i guess i should share a bit of what i’ve been up to during these hot summer days. here’s a quick list:

  1. spending a ridiculous amount of money on the dog. surgery, dental work, anesthesia — you name it, the dog has been through it. luckily, she seems to be pretty healthy now.
  2. drinking. a lot.
  3. swimming. obviously – it’s freakin’ hot here. what did you expect i’d do.
  4. going on dates with a man. a man i think i may really like. more about that later.
  5. spending time with the parents, my sister and bro-in-law and my babies (niece and nephew). so fun.
  6. taking said babies to six flags. on a 98 degree day. not as fun.
  7. did i already say drinking? because i’ve been drinking a lot.
  8. interviewing for jobs.
  9. working out, mainly because i’m unemployed and so there’s no excuse for me not to be hot.
  10. reading. a lot. again, i’m unemployed, so why not?

the summer has been good so far. it’s gone by quickly, just like every other season always does.

so…the man. i know everyone (and by everyone i mean the two or three folks who will read this) is curious. i’ve known him for a few years, but we never really hung out much until this year. i’m not exactly sure where it’s going or even where i want it to go. but right now, i really enjoy spending time with him. and for now, i think that’s enough. for one, i’m definitely out of my almost two year slump (y’all KNOW what i’m talking about) and that’s a big deal. definitely something i don’t take lightly (hence why we were approaching year two) and i think that MAYBE there could be something there.  this thing is different then what i’ve previously experienced though. in previous relationships (see: the ex, the loser, the banker) everything took off SUPER fast and it was almost like a whirlwind of coupley stuff. i met the banker’s mother after our fourth date (he tried to make me meet her after our second date. i refused). i met the loser’s parents after a month. the ex and i were saying “i love you” after a few short months. this time around, it’s not like that at all. and i have to think that this may be a good thing. after all, none of those previous dudes worked out. maybe this one will?

i promise i’ll be better about updating this! i’m a summer slacker, what can i say? 🙂

i just returned from an incredible weekend in charlottesville. i was there judging 1L oral arguments, but really, how could i turn down a legit opportunity to get drunk with good friends in my favorite college town? spend time in my favorite college town?

and what a weekend it was! once l and i escaped the horrific traffic of dc, we pulled into cville and decided we’d spend friday night ambling around on the downtown mall. we ended up at blue light grill and decided we’d just “have a drink or two.” ah. should’ve known right there we were screwed. such famous last words.

two hours later, we are having a ball with our new BFFs — a group of ’90/’91 uva football/basketball players. two of whom we up for heismans. one of whom is the new asst. football coach at uva. such fun. such nice guys. and, who can complain when a group of handsome 40 year old men want to buy your bar tab? not l & i, that’s for sure! oh good, good times. especially when l declared that she thought the nicest one of our new BFFs had a lot of this (picture her rubbing her hand in front of her face in a circle) going on. oh and did i mention our nicest new BFF lives in durham (home of my original, always and forever BFF)? fun times.

then on saturday night, we celebrated l’s hockey team winning the nat’l championship by going to an 80s dance party. gloriousness. i seriously love 80s nights so much. oh and we pretty much ate every single delicious thing in cville. well, that’s not true. but i definitely gained about 5 pounds in 2 days. le sigh.  oh and we capped off the weekend by getting hit on by some guy at a random warrenton, va gas station. this guy (his name is joshua, allegedly) promised me VIP status in clubs, happy hour discounts and…gym memberships? so weird. i swear, sometimes there is something written on my head that says “if you are a freak, talk to me!”

all in all, a totally successful weekend.

this really isn’t about a sunday kind of love, but i’m listening to etta james and figured she deserved some props. 🙂

anyway, i have this facebook friend request sitting on my homepage and i’m doing my best to ignore it. it’s from this guy who i may have spoken of before…he was basically my first love / big mistake (aren’t they all) and while i always knew he was bad for me, it took me awhile to completely untangle myself from him. the Ex and i got in many (huge) fights about this dude (let’s call him Bama). in fact, it got so ugly that the Ex threatened to break up with my if i didn’t stop being friends with Bama. of course, that didn’t work because ultimatums rarely do. anywho, suffice to say that Bama was bad news and i haven’t spoken with him in a long time. mainly because i am very nervous about getting caught up in his dramatic, over the top, irresponsible life again. it’s been difficult because i cared about Bama SO much. he is a beautiful person and i am curious about what’s going on in his life.

BUT i know myself. and i know that once we start talking again, it’s just a matter of time before i’m spiraling down into the depths of his inability to function. and i just can’t do that to myself. but then a part of me thinks maybe he’ll be better now? maybe he’s finally gotten himself together and is acting like the man i think he could be? oh, i’m so conflicted. i know he’s bad news. but…what if he’s now good news? what if he has changed? what if things are different?

for right now, i’m going with my gut on this one and leaving his request unanswered. but i’ll be honest…i can’t promise it will stay that way. what if (god forbid) i could find my “sunday kind of love” with someone i’ve cared about since i was too young to know what it meant??

i had an excellent night last night. i went to dinner with LS BFF, her BF, l, lo and (unexpectedly) AHS. we had a table outside, a pitcher of margaritas and life was good! it was delightful. then, i had the great idea that i would turn the tables and start catcalling groups of men that were walking by. talk about amazing. i freaking love acting like a man! the men were so surprised when they realized i was hollerin’ at them. so cute. 🙂

then l and i went to patty boom boom for some reggae music. it’s a total sweatbox in that place, but we had a good time. the rum punch is a-ma-zing! kind of strong, but totally delicious. AND the bartender was HOT. so…i did what any red blooded gal would do and left him my number on the bill. and he has been texting me all day! it’s pretty funny because now i can’t remember anything about him except he was hot. and i never introduced myself so he has no idea who he’s texting. but it’s kind of fun.

i blame all of this on spring fever. yelling at men! leaving numbers for bartenders! what can i say – it’s finally nice out!!
i love nights where you think you aren’t going to stay out late, aren’t going to drink much, you aren’t looking to meet anyone…and then all of the above happens! so last night, i attended a wetting-down party at a local bar. it was pretty awesome, all you could drink beer/wine and all around good times. when my girls and i walked into the bar, we were pretty cold since we had walked there. right when we walked in, a guy came up and introduced himself to us. he said his name was michael. as we were shaking hands, i kind of refused to let his hand go because it was so warm. i told him this and then he really concentrated on warming my hands…it was kinda cute. right off the bat, i liked this guy’s style. he had this cute little beret on and it was adorable. we entered the party and proceeded to have a really good time. everyone there was super nice and i got a chance to talk to hand warmer a few times during the evening. i decided early on that i was totally in love with hand warmer. well, not really, but it was fun to say it.

towards the end of the night, i had lost track of hand warmer. i was convinced that he had already left and was slightly bummed. then…he appeared!! somehow, hand warmer, one of the new lieutenants, l, and i all decided that since we were being kicked out of the bar, we needed to move on to another one. so we did. and it was delightful. i learned that hand warmer is an alabama fan! and had even been to some of the same game watch parties that i go to!! seriously, what are the odds? so he is kind of cute, i’m kind of smitten and the night was kind of amazing. here’s hoping he calls. 🙂

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