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can someone explain to me what twitter is? i suppose i could go google it and get the whole scoop, but i’m really looking for a current twitter person (what are they called? twits? haha – okay i’m corny) to explain the deal to me. i feel like everywhere i go and every blog i read has links to someone’s twitter page or whatever it is. someone? anyone?



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  • Laura: i feel like there is a lot here to think about. my thought, at least right now, and you know how my thoughts are always changing, is that you shouldn
  • CeCe: This dude sucks! There is only so much wrong a person can do before they've undone all the good that led up to that point. You are a better person tha
  • CeCe: I can see why you're pissed. Diplomatically, I must say there are always two sides to every story, but this dude sucks! You can find a person in the b