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so the new season of the real world starts tonight and i’m kind of excited and if it’s any good, i’ll share my thoughts! this season they are in brooklyn, which is cool. although, i’ve always wondered why the real world never went to atlanta?? it seems like such a natural choice? or dc? come on, mtv!

this is the first season where they have a transgendered  cast member. apparently, that’s all the rage. first tyra had one on ANTM, then diddy had one on who wants to work for diddy (or something like that) and now the real world. i say, more power to ya. i personally am not a fan of any voluntary surgery but that’s because i’m a baby who makes all medical professionals use child needles any time i need a shot. (what’s kind of sad is that i’m not joking at all!)

okay, back to the real world – right now, katelynn (the transgendered chick) is talking about how she went to thailand to have her gender reassignment surgery. i guess that’s cool, but it makes me think about how that’s really only an option for someone who quite a bit of disposable income. what if you are poor but feel like you’re the wrong sex? guess you’re screwed.

wow, this opening makes brooklyn look really cool. although i know that lots of parts of brooklyn have been uber-genetried and yuppified than what they’re showing.

chet, the mormon seems a little weird, but whatev. omg. this devyn chick is going to annoy me, i can already tell. “people with boobs are not bimbos” – girl let it go. okay, first roomie meeting between chet and devyn. shocker, they both want jobs in the entertainment industry. oh, okay – chet wants to show people that mormons have fun.

okay on to ryan and baya. coney island, cute. baya is a dancer, according to her. she seems kind of normal. ryan is cute. and i do like a military man. hmm, maybe ryan is only cute w/his hat on in retrospect. 

okay, sarah. yikes, w/the tattoos. that’s cool, again i’m just a baby. and now here’s JD from miami. is he the gay guy? oh, yeah he definitely is. aw, he trains dolphins and whales. how awesome. what a fun job. uh oh, sarah has a man at home who is “the one.” poor guy – i’m willing to bet he doesn’t make it through week 6. oh sarah has dated women before, that’s interesting. and JD just revealed he’s gay but i’d already figured that out. 

okay, this scott guy is a little too built for my taste. although i have to say i could see him totally loving agnes 🙂 she’s cute, tiny and blond and i bet muscle man would love that.

okay (and i realize i’m starting every sentence with okay – don’t judge!) the house is freaking HUGE! that is ridic. i want to move to brooklyn and move there. except i think NYC is a little dirty and smelly in the summer. now i do wonder why they chose to have 8 people this season. maybe so there is the same number of dudes as women? 

um, seriously who decided to give brody jenner a show? good grief.

back to the show. devyn and chet have just gotten in to the house which is amazing – and they have rock band! yay! i love rock band! its going to be so sad how they destroy that beautiful house. the rooms are nice looking. chet says he thought that people would think he’s gay but he’s straight as an arrow. baya and ryan are approaching the house. she’s doing a weird jump. wow, baya is little compared to devyn. and ryan thinks chet is gay. hilarious. muscle man and katelynn have arrived and are greeting everyone. devyn thinks scott is cute, interesting! so funniest line so far…ryan says about katelynn: “there’s something definitely different about her”…lol. love it. ooh, they have the kind of home gym that i need. 

sarah and jd arrive and everyone is so confused about there being 8 people. i think sarah is adorable, it’s official. 

so this is the roommate list: jd and sarah; devyn and katelynn; scott and baya; and ryan and chet. this oughta be interesting! uh oh, ryan has a girlfriend too. but he respects chet’s virginity which i think it neat. 

ryan just asked if katelynn is transgendered. good instinct, buddy. run with that. ah, the ubiquitous hot tub scene. i wonder who will make out first. now the guys are discussing whether or not katelynn is transgendered, jd says he knew immediately. back to the hot tub, the girls are dying because scott has entered the hot tub and they are all horny apparently.

ryan is grossed out b/c katelynn has had a fivesome. hmmm, maybe i am, too. adam doesn’t want to reveal his military past, which i think is interesting. i would think his roommmates would be supportive. we’ll see when he tells them. 

the first excursion into the city seems cute pizza, wiffle ball in the street (who does that), hanging out at a club yelling “where brooklyn at” LOL. oh the club/bar. wow. devyn has really huge boobs. even i can’t stop staring at them and boobs don’t normally get my attention. uh oh. ryan is drunk. this can’t end well. ooh he is not cute drunk. i love that jd says “i love ryan to death”. um, you are so sweet, but you just met this guy! i think jd seems like a sweetie. ryan just “came out” to sarah. sarah seems like a great listener. i think she’ll probably end up being the most normal person in the house. i bet she’s great at her job at the crisis center. ryan says he writes to feel normal. hey buddy, i can understand that. i know i already said this but i am officially obsessed with sarah. what a sweet girl. smart, interesting and genuniely interested in her roommates, not just sleeping with them. i like it.

baya wants to know why ryan joined the military. she seems shocked at the idea. girl, pick your month up off the floor! ryan is singing a song for chet. cute, but i don’t think i’m buying the single. now maybe i’ll buy your book ryan, but not the cd. ooh, definitely not the cd. no offense 🙂 haha, i do love the song about scott: let’s work out. let’s eat. scott ate some roast beef. LOL. i love it. wait! chet just said he thought scott was cute. now they are singing a song about how chet is gay and chet says he’s not. this is actually a really funny scene. oh my. chet – just come out. save all the drama. 

aw, jd is taking katelynn to dinner. i adore him. oh, chet. you don’t have gaydar because you are gay! i love how jd is taking up for katelynn. she clearly needs someone in her corner because she has some confidence issues. so scott says he’s not going to share anything w/chet b/c chet has a big mouth. yes, indeed he does. he’s very gossipy. oh and katelynn just told jd her “secret” even though its not a secret. aw. i hate seeing people cry. i’m glad they decided to do dinner, it’s obviously beneficial for both of them. alright, so jd and sarah are my favorites in the house so far. i have to say it probably takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there on national television. so props to them. 

well, it looks like an interesting season. i’m excited. this will be the first season i’ve watched regularly in a long while. i hope it lives up  to my expectations!



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