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today i talked to SouthGA about this guy that was interested in her but essentially refuses to call her. he will only text her. and SouthGA hates texting and so usually when he texts her, she calls him back and they talk. usually for quite awhile. and he always ends the conversation by saying something along the lines of “well if you get bored and want to hang out, give me a call”. and she’s like, why don’t you call me when you get bored. so he never calls and just texts her all the time. and its driving her nuts. when we spoke, i realized that it drives me nuts too! for one thing, i have a limited amount of texts and have to pay if i go over that amount. but mainly, it bugs me because it’s so frustrating to try to have a conversation via text message. my general rule is that if you are texting back and forth more than 2x, it warrants a phone call. 

what the heck happened to calling?! i know a lot of men who do this texting instead of calling thing. in fact, i just called AHS out about it tonight. i really don’t know the thought process behind it (if you do, PLEASE enlighten me!) but i think it’s just lazy! pick up the freakin phone and dial my number. i refuse to have a conversation via text message. that is ridiculous. this goes hand in hand with another problem that i observe often…

what the heck happened to dating? to being courted?! i know that we live in the age of hookups and no commitment everything, but is it really to much to want a man who calls, asks you out on a date, takes the time to plan an evening and expects nothing in return beyond your company. is that too much to expect? 


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