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so we all know that i recently lost my job. we also know that bham is a teeny, tiny city in terms of “young professionals”… so i pretty much expected that the news would travel fast. but what i did NOT expect was the ridiculous, overtly tacky behavior that some people would employ.

a little background. about two months ago, i was hanging out with a couple of friends and one of them (AKA the Attorney) and i started discussing how one of my friends and a couple of his friends think that we should date. so of course then we start discussing the possibility. the Attorney says, “i’m going to take you out on a date. but i’m really busy with work and such and so it won’t be until after thanksgiving probably”. i’m like, okay, whatever. the Attorney is cool, so i’m open to the idea. well, the Attorney and i hang out a few times in groups with other people and i enjoy his company. but time passes, thanksgiving passes and no date. so i write him off in my head. a couple of weeks later, at a bar, i inform him that i’ve written him off. he protests and says things like “i’ve been busy, blah blah blah”. i just don’t ever buy that crap. if you are interested in someone, you do something about it. so the conversation continues and the Attorney says something akin to: “so if i asked you out two weeks from now, you’d say no?” when he says this, i can’t describe how my blood boiled. um, hell yeah i’d say no, you pompous jerk. ugh. the thing is, outside of this whole “dating” exchange, i really like the Attorney, so we still email now and again.

flash forward to this week. i’m certain the news of my good fortune has traveled to the Attorney. last night he called me and i missed his call (whoops! was playing Guitar Hero World Tour with my best friend from college [aka BFF]). today he called three times. now, keep in mind that prior to yesterday, he’s called me maybe ONCE. i have no doubt that he was calling to discuss what had happened. and that’s what pisses me off. 

could the Attorney really think that i would want to discuss it with him? um, newsflash, buddy: we aren’t friends like that. seriously? i swear, people. so i’ve consulted with a couple of folks and Agnes (very close college friend) said i should send a polite email about how i’m home w/my family and pretty busy. AHS (high school friend who i recently reconnected with) said i should just call him and point out that i think his behavior is tacky. sorry AHS, i took Agnes’s advice and sent a polite email. we’ll see.

oh and speaking of tacky people, the Banker sent me a text today seeing if i wanted to meet up for a drink. the Banker and i haven’t actually spoken in a couple of weeks, so i was surprised to get that text. of course, i politely declined. his response was that we need to catch up. meaning, he, too has probably heard and wants to know what’s going on. i swear, people are so freaking transparent.  

in other news, i am hanging out with AHS tomorrow afternoon and not quite sure what to expect. we weren’t really tight in high school, but i’ve enjoyed chatting with him as of late.  i’ve convinced him to drive out to the sticks (Bowie, where the Parents live) so we can take the metro together. i think the only reason he agreed is that he wants to meet the Dog, since i talk about her so freaking much. i sincerely hope that by convincing him to come to the Parents crib, i have not sentenced him to a half hour of awkward conversation with Dad.  here’s hoping! i believe AHS and i are headed to the chinatown area of dc. not very familiar with it, so i’m looking forward to it. have i been a total typical girl about it and gone over my outfit 40x? surprisingly, no. not sure what that means. i always thought AHS was cool back in the day, and that doesn’t appear to have changed, so i’m really looking forward to seeing him. 


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