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today AHS said to me, “it was so sad to read your story about the Banker”. honestly, i thought that was just the sweetest thing anyone could say about that whole situation. it made me think about all the wonderful people in my life. i’m happy that AHS is one of them. he’s pretty awesome and gives me some great material to write about to boot 🙂

speaking of friends, i am headed to atlanta this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. it’s going to be a little nuts, i’m predicting. a lot of ASC girls will be there including Agnes and Namesake (another fabulous college friend who happens to have the funniest dog in the world) who i have not seen since her fabulous trip around the world. so i’m really really excited. ha, we’ve had some good times. awhile back, we all went out and had a makeout contest. it was truly ridiculous. and even though Namesake tried to cheat and kiss a guy she KNEW i couldn’t kiss (it was a friend who i adored, but i knew he had a crush on me so there was no way i could kiss him) i still won our little contest, i don’t care what she says 🙂

in other news, i was reading this article about how ann coulter is talking trash about michelle obama in her new book (see and i swear, no matter your politics, doesn’t that woman just SCREAM desperation?! she spews this liberal-hating venim which is so obviously an attempt to shock people into buying her books…and the sad thing is that it works. ugh, she truly disgusts me. she’s just so full of shit. if she really felt the way she says she does, i doubt if she would’ve been able to date democrats in the past, as she has. i mean, i know plenty of people who date  people who’s political beliefs don’t match up with theirs, but this woman is constantly calling liberals/democrats/normal people idiots…and that’s on one of her nice days.

oh! my favorite show is back! i freaking love this show! it’s the best, feel good reality show out there. seriously, sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. this show saves peoples lives and i think that is an amazing thing. its so freaking inspiring. if you missed it, check it out next week!


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  • Laura: i feel like there is a lot here to think about. my thought, at least right now, and you know how my thoughts are always changing, is that you shouldn
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