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oh man. last night was a good time. AHS and i met up midafternoon and headed into the city. we walked around chinatown a bit, went to the smithsonian art museum and then grabbed some dinner here ( after dinner (and a few drinks), we met up with my best friend my high school (aka Brown) and her boyfriend (aka Peaches). the four of us headed to adams morgan for some drinks. and that’s when the night really got fun. somehow we ended up staying at this bar forever. long enough for me to discover that the menu included absinthe. except i couldn’t pronounce it and kept calling it abstinence. Brown and i decided that we definitely needed some absinthe in our lives and both ordered one. and that, my friends, was my downfall.

if you are not familiar with absinthe (or abstinence, as i seem to love to call it) check this out: i really should’ve thought more about that choice. after Brown and i’s abstinence arrived, i immediately was nervous. the stuff (we had kubler) was ridiculously strong and i could smell it across the table. but Brown and i drank up anyways because we’re bad ass like that. it tasted…interesting. i guess the best wa to describe it is to compare it to ridiculously fragrant and strong licorice. by the time our abstinence was finished i felt pretty happy, needless to say. we continued drinking, watching football and basically having a good time. i think i probably said some silly offensive thing about 40x (sorry Peaches!!). about an hour after the abstinence, i decided there was no way i’d make it home in one piece and so it was decided that a slumber party at Brown’s place was necessary. we decided to leave the bar to get some late night food — y’all know how much i love late night food! i got some delicious pancakes and ordered a peach Bellini that i was embarrassed to find i couldn’t drink. i started to feel really sick at the diner and was pretty certain i was going to die.

we left the diner and headed back to Brown’s. on the way, i was pretty sure i was going to lose it, so i made everyone stop and wait while i went to use a mcdonald’s restroom.  so apparently mcdonald’s has a problem with random people doing crazy things in the restroom, because they make it ridiculously tricky to operate the damn thing. i had to get an employee to open it up (not that unusual) but then once i was finished i couldn’t get out! yes, i was locked in a mcdonald’s bathroom at 2 am! who in the world does that happen to but me?? like, seriously, my friends plus other random people who felt sorry for me were on the other side banging, pulling, etc. it was crazy. Brown, Peaches and AHS finally realized that in order to get me out, they had to put money in. what? are you kidding?! luckily, my friends love me and were happy to pay 50 cents to break me out of the grody mcdonald’s bathroom. 

after that, i was pretty much done and collapsed on Brown’s pull out bed — oh yeah, after i completely lost it in the privacy and comfort of Brown’s bathroom… what a night!


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