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yikes. i have been supremely bad about writing this summer. i’m going to chalk that up to the summer being so busy and crazy and hot. yeah, it’s been about 200 degrees almost every day this summer. okay, i’m exaggerating just a wee bit. but it has been hot. i guess i should share a bit of what i’ve been up to during these hot summer days. here’s a quick list:

  1. spending a ridiculous amount of money on the dog. surgery, dental work, anesthesia — you name it, the dog has been through it. luckily, she seems to be pretty healthy now.
  2. drinking. a lot.
  3. swimming. obviously – it’s freakin’ hot here. what did you expect i’d do.
  4. going on dates with a man. a man i think i may really like. more about that later.
  5. spending time with the parents, my sister and bro-in-law and my babies (niece and nephew). so fun.
  6. taking said babies to six flags. on a 98 degree day. not as fun.
  7. did i already say drinking? because i’ve been drinking a lot.
  8. interviewing for jobs.
  9. working out, mainly because i’m unemployed and so there’s no excuse for me not to be hot.
  10. reading. a lot. again, i’m unemployed, so why not?

the summer has been good so far. it’s gone by quickly, just like every other season always does.

so…the man. i know everyone (and by everyone i mean the two or three folks who will read this) is curious. i’ve known him for a few years, but we never really hung out much until this year. i’m not exactly sure where it’s going or even where i want it to go. but right now, i really enjoy spending time with him. and for now, i think that’s enough. for one, i’m definitely out of my almost two year slump (y’all KNOW what i’m talking about) and that’s a big deal. definitely something i don’t take lightly (hence why we were approaching year two) and i think that MAYBE there could be something there.  this thing is different then what i’ve previously experienced though. in previous relationships (see: the ex, the loser, the banker) everything took off SUPER fast and it was almost like a whirlwind of coupley stuff. i met the banker’s mother after our fourth date (he tried to make me meet her after our second date. i refused). i met the loser’s parents after a month. the ex and i were saying “i love you” after a few short months. this time around, it’s not like that at all. and i have to think that this may be a good thing. after all, none of those previous dudes worked out. maybe this one will?

i promise i’ll be better about updating this! i’m a summer slacker, what can i say? 🙂



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