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i miss the things that are a given when you are in a relationship. sleepovers, lazy afternoons on the couch watching football, movie nights and making dinner together. i miss the fun routine of knowing that every tuesday you both go out with your friends then meet back up at home. i miss going out together with your collective group of friends and then gossiping about them on the drive home. i miss that wonderfully safe feeling when you are lying in someone’s arms and you know that neither one of you would rather be anywhere else.

i had a fantastic weekend and i’m thankful for my friends and my family. but i still miss the aforementioned things 🙂
oh yeah, you read that right…speed dating. i decided to go ahead and just do it. i figured it’d be fun and worse case scenario, i’d get no dates, but some funny stories. here’s hoping i get both…

it basically worked just like on SATC except that the men didn’t visibly recoil when i said that i was a lawyer (i admit, i was kind of nervous about it). they had all the women sit behind little tables and then the men rotated every four minutes. i had a blast. there were a few cute guys, one guy who had to be at least 65 and his name was elvin (i thought of elvin on the cosby show) and one guy who was super super creepy. creepy guy was trying to invite me to a party next weekend, told me i was exquisite and then promptly asked why i was not married. i did not feel the need to ask him the same question because it was readily apparent. he then started talking about how black women aren’t married because they focus too much on the kingdom and not enough on the king. i then gave him my crazy face. he quickly recanted and tried to pass it off as a joke. i still don’t know what the fuck he was talking about. thank god four minutes goes quickly.

i’m hoping i get matched with one of the cuties that were there…i’ll keep everyone posted 🙂


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