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i enjoy facebook as much as the next person, but i have to say that i REALLY enjoy on nights where something big is happening on television and you can follow all your friends thoughts on whatever it is you’re watching. for example, tonight i’m watching the BET music awards. as with most awards shows, its a little bit ridiculous and a lot of fun and i’m loving reading what all my friends are thinking as they watch the show. so fun!

that’s all for now 🙂
like most of the world, i loved michael jackson. his music was the soundtrack to my child. my older sister got me hooked and i never let go. michael jackson’s bad world tour in 1988 was my very first concert. i was six years old and it was amazing. sadly, michael was also a seriously troubled man and i’m happy that he’s finally at peace. he changed the music world forever. not to mention what he did for race relations. many people forget that back when he started producing his music videos, mtv only showed rock videos. they initially were not interested in mj’s videos. ha, that soon changed. michael jackson was an amazing artist and i’m thankful that i can say that i saw him live. i’m confident that his music will continue to live on.

in no particular order, here are some of my favorite mj songs:

  • dirty diana — that line where he sings “she said he’s not coming back because he’s sleeping with me” was ridiculous. even at a young age, i knew that this diana lady was up to no good.
  • pyt — i will forever and always love pyt. such a classic
  • man in the mirror
  • billie jean — again, just like with dirty diana, i knew that mj had ran across some sketchy ladies.
  • don’t stop til you get enough — just the intro music to this song is enough to make me run out to the dance floor.
  • beat it — the dancing!!
  • smooth criminal — that video was so freakin’ sick. absolutely incredible.
  • off the wall — LOVE it
  • and of course, wanna be startin’ something!
i think that a lot of people are sort of vague about what they want, or more importantly, what they need in relationships. i know that i’ve been guilty of that in the past. but the wonderful thing is that with each passing relationship, i’ve become more and more clear about who i am, what i want and what i need. so at this point, i have a pretty good idea.

what i need:
  • a man who has a college education. call it snobby, call it judgmental, call it what you want. i’ve dated a man who did not go to college and there were problems. the fact that he didn’t go to college didn’t really bother me, but he was always throwing my education back in my face. like in a fight, he’d say things like “well, i didn’t go to [insert name of my college/law school] and so i must be an idiot.” dealing with his inferiority complex got old REAL quick
  • a man with an opinion. if you know me, you know i am quite opinionated. i like trading ideas and hearing what others think. if a man’s standard response to questions is “i don’t know”, then it ain’t gonna work.
  • a man who is confident. i have a strong personality and i need someone who is not afraid to call me out on my shit. i am aware that this is what i need. if i intimidate you, then it won’t ever work. if you aren’t confident, then i will run all over your ass. it sounds terrible, but, hey, at least i acknowledge it 🙂
  • a considerate man. of course, like most outgoing people, i still have insecurities and want to be appreciated. i can’t handle rudeness. i got over dating “bad boys” in high school.
  • a man who likes dogs. or at the very least likes my dog. sasha fierce is a huge part of my life and if you can’t get down with that, it won’t work. sasha fierce is awesome and if you don’t appreciate that, we won’t get along.
  • a man who has his life together. shit doesn’t have to be perfect, but i’m not interested in hanging around while you “find yourself”.
  • i need a man who loves food as much as i do. need i say more?
  • my friends are a big part of my life and i want my man to love that and to love my friends.
  • that being said, i want to know your friends, too. i want to be a part of your life if we are going to be together.
  • i need someone who is willing to make time for me. i require attention. i am going to want to talk to you everyday if we are in a relationship. i’m going to want to hang out with you a couple times a week if we’re in a relationship. if we never see each other and we never talk, then why am i dating you exclusively? i don’t think i’m crazy about this and am usually pretty laid back about it. suffice to say that if consistently text me on thursdays asking to kick it at 10pm on a friday night, we won’t work out. does that make sense?
anyway, that’s the basics. obviously, a lot of things go into compatibility — these are just a few things that are important to me.
as you all know, i love food. i enjoy eating, and sharing a meal with friends and family is one of my greatest pleasures. lately i’ve been thinking a lot about food. specifically, i’ve been thinking about how disconnected we are from the food we purchase and eat every day. i wonder if it’s possible for me to bridge this gap. i would love to eat only organic, locally sourced food. is this possible? my dad and i grow our own herbs in the backyard, which is a great start. but in thinking over my daily routine (making a lunch to take the office, eating dinner, snacks) i have difficulty seeing how i could possibly only purchase organic or locally produced items and be able to afford it. what i think would be awesome is if dc had a daily farmers market. similar to the the dekalb farmers market in decatur, about a mile from the agnes scott campus. the dekalb farmers market is amazing. it’s open 7 days a week, and it’s a place where you know you can go and buy local, organic produce, meat, seafood, etc. and it’s very reasonably priced. i could afford it as a college student. there is nothing similar in the dc area that i know of. so since i don’t live in atlanta and absolutely can not afford whole foods on a weekly basis (although i really wish i could — that place is like crack; so addictive), what can i do? i do visit farmers markets around the area, but wish there was a daily option. oh, i guess there is eastern market. i’ve never visited during the week, so i’m not sure about their meat and produce options. has anyone ever visited eastern market during the week? perhaps i’ll go this week and check it out and see if it matches my deakalb farmers market…
i’ve decided that from now on out i’m only dating pre-screened men. the thought behind this is that my friends know me pretty well. they know what i’m apt to like/dislike/find attractive/put up with/etc. particularly my long term friends. if one of these friends recommends a guy, then i can safely assume that he’s at least personable, decent looking, doing something with his life and reasonably intelligent.

so, i guess the next question is, what if i meet an awesome guy while out at a restaurant/bar/etc? will i give him a chance? sure. but in general, unless the man comes stamped with a “quality” sticker, i’m probably not going to waste my time. i’m not that pressed to be with someone — i actually enjoy spending time alone, with my puppy and with my family and friends. this little stretch of time post the Banker is the longest i’ve been single since law school. and i have to say it hasn’t been bad at all. i’ve kind of enjoyed it. occasionally i’d like to have a guy to take to various events, etc. but overall, no complaints 🙂


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