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so, i thought i was done bitching for the night. but actually i’m not. i read far too many blogs and websites during the average day. what can i say, that’s just what happens when you’re unemployed. i’ve seen a lot of things lately calling for a boycott of the new york post due to that terrible cartoon that they published last week. people are really up in arms about it. 

but yet…

a young woman of color is brutally beaten by her superstar boyfriend and no one gives a shit. yes, i know – the case hasn’t gone to court yet, etc etc. but let’s be real. everyone knows he beat her ass just like everyone knows oj did it (yep, i said it. hate if you must). and no one seems to care. no one is calling for a boycott of chris brown and his music or his music label. no one seems concerned. 

but yet…

domestic violence disproportionally affects african-american women. the stats are a little fuzzy, but domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death for african-american women aged 18-45. this is a serious issue. and all anyone can say is (and i won’t get into this more because i’ve already commented on this aspect of the situation ad nasuem) “what’d she do? what’d she do?”

but yet…

let it have been a white man who beat up a black women. or even worse, a white man beating up a black man (as we saw with rodney king, amadou diallo, sean bell, etc)…when that happens, we have press conferences, we have jesse jackson, we have nonstop news coverage. and i’m not saying we shouldn’t. we should. we should be outraged when our young men are brutalized and our communities are shattered. 

but yet…

shouldn’t we be just as enraged when our young women are brutalized? where’s the outrage? where’s jesse jackson? where’s the nonstop news coverage?? 

yep, i’m feeling pretty bitchy, so if i were you (especially you Banker and AHS) i’d skip this one. i’m just so irritated and fed up. really it’s about 97% the Banker and about 3% AHS. so maybe AHS can read this. but the Banker shoud really skip it.

the Banker is such an annoyance. i’m thinking of cutting him out of my life completely. i probably should’ve done it awhile ago, but i have a hard time doing that. once i decided to stop ignoring him and actually keep in contact he started acting like an ass again. i think he’s out. he’s such a selfish idiot. he actually had the nerve to get mad at me because i didn’t want to talk to him about some personal topics (i.e. the details of my being laid off and also if i’m dating). that infuriated me! it’s like he thinks i owe him something. in this case, information. ugh. what an ass. what really gets me going is that today he sent me some annoying, juvenile text about how i’m ignoring him again. he doesn’t seem to make the connection between me ignoring him and him being an ass. 

as for AHS, i’m just a little perplexed by him. when i was home over christmas we talked frequently and hung out often and it was great. then i went back to bama and it was like i had ran over his dog. i swear, he all of a sudden never calls and apparently refuses to respond to emails. i don’t get it. i know he’s back in school now, but i also know that means that he has plenty of time in class to slack off (ah hem, not that i ever did that, i’m just sayin…). also, i know he has some ridiculous cell phone issues…but GOOD GRIEF!! 

okay, i’m done w/the bitching for now. tomorrow morning is my first day pro bono-ing at the washington lawyers committee for civil rights and urban affairs and i am thrilled to be able to do some awesome pro bono work. yay!

so, as i’ve mentioned match guy and i were supposed to meet up for lunch this week. i suggested tuesday or wednesday and he just suggested thursday. and gave me his number to call him! i don’t like the phone w/people i don’t know. do i have to call him? or can i just email him back? also, i don’t know how i feel about thursday. i was planning on going to this game night thing in the city. perhaps i should suggest we meet there? i need HELP!!

also – can i just say how much i love our president? he’s fantastic. and so inspiring. i adore him and am so happy he was elected. i know that things are dire and he inherited a lot of shit. but i am so impressed by him and damnit, can i just say it – he is pretty hot. i think samantha on SATC said it best…”our country runs better with a good looking man at the helm”. i certainly agree. 

i just had a fantastic weekend in VA, on a “ski” trip with friends from LS. i didn’t ski, but relaxed and just really had a wonderful time. we got in late friday, partied until about 4:30 am and then chilled out all saturday. it was so fun, but i was a little bummed we couldn’t go tubing. oh well, next time for sure. 

i am exhausted. i just can’t rock it out like i used to. okay, i take that back. i can – i just need some serious recovery time afterwards. 

so, this guy on match wants to meet this week. he’s pretty cute. i have told him i can do lunch sometime this week. i’m a fan of lunch dates because there’s so much less pressure. i’m not sure what day we are doing it. i’m thinking tuesday or wednesday…Agnes has just recently had a positive experience w/a guy from match so i’m excited. since our love lives constantly parallel each others, if she’s doing well with match, i’m confident i will do 🙂
so, i promise to update very soon. i am going skiing (not that i’ll be skiing – i’ll be drinking and snowtubing) this weekend so when i return, i will provide updates.

there are many things to share:

1. a guy from wants to meet up
2. pro bono position
3. part time job decision

i guess that’s not many. but it’s something. i’m back on sunday!
i just finished reading the complete twilight saga written by stephanie meyer. in case you haven’t read the books (which i highly encourage, i LOVED them!), the basic premise is an ordinary high school junior falls in love with an immortal vampire. the series follows everything that happens to this couple and their friends and family. after i finished the last book, i started reading some reviews of the series. there is a lot of criticism of the books, most of it centering on the fact that the book is apparently “anti-feminist”.

now, one label that i proudly claim is feminist. in fact, i often get pissed that people treat feminism like it’s a dirty word. but back to the twilight books. i was really dismayed to read that some consider the books to be an affront to women and an affront to feminism. the main claim is that because bella (the main character) becomes depressed when her boyfriend leaves her, the books are a set back to women everywhere. the critics argue that bella is weak and the anti-feminist because she depends on the men in her life.

i disagree. i think the book accurately describes the desperation that a woman (or a man) can sometimes feel when their soul mate leaves them. i’ve felt that way, my girlfriends have felt that way, and my guy friends have felt that way. i think it’s realistic. i also think that a big problem with feminism is that people try to put it into a box and think that feminism means one thing. in my head, feminism is about choice and it’s about supporting women and their rights and benefiting women. 

and that’s all i got to say about that.
growing up as a military brat, you learn to be flexible and you get used to being the new kid. you also adjust to the smaller things, like never having a regular doctor, dentist, hairstylist, etc. you understand that you won’t see your extended family often because you don’t live near them. when my sister and i were growing up, my parents formed their own “extended family” of sorts. it was a group of about 4 0r 5 air force families where the parents were roughly the same age and they all had similar aged children. these families became just like family as we somehow managed to follow each other all across the united states. i’ve known this group of about 20 people since i was born and they are an important part of my life. 

this morning, my parents and i attended the dedication of two grandbabies in one of our extended families. it was a wonderful day and a great time. while we were sitting eating dinner, someone decided to start counting all of the grandchildren that have been born in the past decade or so. while they were counting and chiming in with “i can’t believe our children have children” comments, i was doing some quick math of my own. out of the 4 sets of families present, out of the 11 children in those 4 families (including my own) i am one of 2 left who has not gotten married and/or had children. 2 out of 11! that blew my mind…i mean, when did everybody decide to go and get married/have kids? did i miss that meeting? 

it’s one thing that now all my friends are getting married. it’s another when the entire group of kids i grew up with have all decided (in some secret, hidden meeting, apparently) to make major life steps without me. i mean, i just wanted to scream – wait! we’re not ready! and i guess, that’s it. i’m not ready. so, in the interim i’ll offer up babysitting services. or, on second thought, just drop by for a quick visits – kids are exhausting!


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